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Get line numbers for line range

Since R2022b



    lines = getLineRange(lr) returns the line numbers for the line range lr.


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    This example shows how to modify line numbers for an slreq.TextRange object.

    Open the myAdd code file.

    file = "myAdd.m";

    Get the slreq.TextRange object associated with the third line in the myAdd function.

    cr = slreq.getTextRange(file,3)
    cr = 
      TextRange with properties:
        Artifact: 'C:\Users\ahoward\OneDrive - MathWorks\Documents\MATLAB\ExampleManager\ahoward.examples\slrequirements-ex62188562\myAdd.m'
              Id: '739094.742.1'
          Domain: 'linktype_rmi_matlab'
          Parent: ''

    Get the line numbers associated with the slreq.TextRange object.

    lines = getLineRange(cr)
    lines = 1×2
         3     3

    Associate the slreq.TextRange object with line number 2.


    Confirm that the slreq.TextRange object is associated with the line by getting the text contents of the line range.

    text = getText(cr)
    text = 
    'y = u + v;'

    Input Arguments

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    Line range, specified as an slreq.TextRange object.

    Output Arguments

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    Start and end line numbers of the line range, returned as a double array of the form [start end].

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b