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sltest.testmanager.DiagnosticRecord class

Package: sltest.testmanager

View custom criteria diagnostic information


An instance of sltest.testmanager.DiagnosticRecord displays diagnostic information returned a verification during custom criteria analysis.


obj = getCustomCriteriaResult(tcResult) creates an sltest.testmanager.CustomCriteriaResult object, which has a property DiagnosticRecord. DiagnosticRecord is an sltest.testmanager.DiagnosticRecord object for the test case result object tcResult.


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Outcome of diagnostic, returned as an sltest.testmanager.TestResultOutcomes object.

Example: Passed

Diagnostic record of the custom criteria result, returned as a cell array.

Example: 'Final: 0.'

Framework diagnostic record of the custom criteria result, returned as a cell array.

Example: 'verifyEqual passed.…'

Name of the recorded event, returned as a character vector.

Example: VerificationPassed

Report of the diagnostic result, returned as a character vector.

If the custom criteria returns an error, it constructs an Mexception object containing information about the error.

Example: MException


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Run the test case tc, creating a result set tcResultSet.

tcResultSet = run(tc);

Get the test case result from the result set.

tcResult = getTestCaseResults(tcResultSet);

Get the custom criteria result from the test case result.

ccResult = getCustomCriteriaResult(tcResult);

Display the diagnostic result

ans = 

  DiagnosticRecord with properties:

                      Outcome: Passed
         TestDiagnosticResult: {'Final: 0.'}
    FrameworkDiagnosticResult: {'verifyEqual passed.…'}
                        Event: 'VerificationPassed'
                       Report: '=============================…'
Introduced in R2016b