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Test Cases and Iterations

Test architecture for large models, synchronizing test files and models, requirements linking, sharing, file management

You can automatically create a test file that mirrors the architecture, test harnesses, and test inputs contained in your model. Once you have a test file, you can synchronize it with changes to your model by using the Test Manager. Share tests and manage related files by packaging tests into a Simulink® Project.


Test Iterations

Use iterations to test combinations of parameter sets, external inputs, configuration sets, Signal Builder groups, or baselines.

Automatically Create a Set of Test Cases

Create a set of test cases that correspond to test harnesses and Signal Editor blocks contained in a model.

Synchronize Tests

Update test cases in a test file to reflect changes in the system under test.

Generate Tests for a Subsystem

Use the Test Manager to generate a test case for a subsystem.

Link to Requirements

Establish traceability between requirements and test cases, inputs, expected outputs, and assessments.

Test Model Against Requirements and Report Results

Associate your model with detailed requirements, demonstrate traceability, test against requirements.