View Graphical Results From Model Verification Library

Simulink® Test™ outputs graphical results of the Model Verification block library so you can use the Test Manager or Simulation Data Inspector to see when your test assessments pass and fail.

In addition to warnings or stop-simulation behavior, the graphical results show the block evaluation results during simulation. Viewing Model Verification block results graphically helps you to:

  • Determine the time step when a failure occurs.

  • Debug the model by comparing the verification result with relevant signals.

  • Trace failures from the results to the model.

This example shows how to view outputs from Model Verification blocks in the Test Manager or Simulation Data Inspector.

Open the Model

The model contains a verification subsystem Safety Properties that uses an Assertion block to check whether the system disengages if the brake has been applied for three time steps. The verification subsystem also uses Simulink® Design Verifier™ blocks.


Simulate the Model and View Results in SDI


After the simulation completes, open SDI. The results show that the assertion failed at 0.23 seconds.


Highlight Assertion Block in the Model

To find the assertion block in the model, right-click BrakeAssertion in SDI and select Highlight in Model. The block is highlighted in the verification subsystem.

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