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Task Trigger Merge

Merge multiple task triggers into one trigger

Since R2023b

  • Task Trigger Merge block

SoC Blockset / Processor Task Execution


The Task Trigger Merge block creates a single task trigger from a set of task triggers. Connect Task Trigger block outputs to the input ports of this block, and connect the output of this block to the event port of the respective event-driven task in the Task Manager block.

Place this block in the top model.



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This port receives multiple task triggers and merges them into one.

You define the number of Port_N input ports by specifying the Number of input task triggers parameter.

Data Types: rteEvent


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This port sends a task signal that triggers the Task Manager block to execute the associated task.

Data Types: rteEvent


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Number of task triggers to merge into one output trigger, specified as a positive integer.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2023b