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Device and system examples for electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system applications

Explore Simscape™ Electrical™ examples that illustrate modeling, control, and simulation of electronic, mechatronic, and power devices and systems for specific industries and applications.


    Model interfaces between microcontrollers and physical systems and convert signals between analog and digital
  • Amplifiers
    Implement different types of amplifiers using Simscape Electrical circuitry
  • Communications
    Implement different models for data transmission
  • Converters (High power)
    Converters for high power applications (higher than 48 V)
  • Converters (Low power)
    Converters (such as DC-DC, chopper, buck and boost converters) for low power applications (lower than 48 V)
  • Device Characteristics Assessment
    Explore the impact of parameter choices on the characteristics of multiple devices
  • Electric Drives
    Asynchronous, synchronous, switched reluctance machines and controls
  • Energy Storage
    Use batteries and capacitors to store energy
  • Filters
    Remove or enhance frequency components using signal processing filters
  • Logic
    Perform and implement logical operations using Simscape Electrical logic components
  • Oscillators
    Produce periodic, oscillating electronic signals by implementing oscillators
  • Power Grids
    Power system networks and loadflow and harmonic analysis
  • Renewable Energy
    Create models of photovoltaic or wind systems and generators
  • Robotics and Actuation Systems
    Learn how to control motors, compare their characteristics and develop electric actuators
  • Thermal Modeling and Management
    Model and manage thermal dependency and networks
  • Vehicle Systems
    Implement machines and controls for automotive, marine and aerospace systems