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Modify a Drive Block

If you have to change electrical connections or control modules, you can do so by modifying a drive block. The following example uses ac6_example to replace the three-phase electric source by a battery. To modify a drive block:

Break the Link of the Drive Block

  1. Open the ac6_example by typing ac6_example in the MATLAB® Command window. The drive is fed by a three-phase voltage source.

  2. Simulate the model (in accelerator mode) and observe the results.

  3. Break the link between the drive block and its library.

    1. Right-click the block, and then select Library Link > Disable Link.

    2. Right-click the block again, and then select Library Link > Break Link.

Modify the Drive Block

  1. Right-click the drive block and select Mask > Look Under Mask.

  2. Delete the three-phase electrical connections, the diode rectifier, and the braking chopper.

  3. Right-click the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine block and select Mask > Look Under Mask. Select the A and B Connection Port block, and copy them to the top-level model. Connect the blocks to the positive and negative terminals of the Three-Phase Inverter block. Add a Simulink® Ground block and connect it to the output port Conv.

Use the Customized Drive Block

  1. Save the model as ac6_example2.

  2. In the diagram, delete the three-phase source. Replace it with a 300Vdc/1Ah/NiMH Battery block and a 100 µF capacitor block connected in parallel.

  3. Connect the Conv output of the block to a Terminator block. Remove the DC bus voltage blocks that are in the Demux block.

  4. Add a Bus Selector block and then select the Voltage (V) bus signal coming from the m output of the Battery block.