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Three-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter

This example shows how to control the voltage in a grid-tied inverter system. The Voltage regulator subsystem implements the PI-based control strategy. The three-phase inverter is connected to the grid via a Circuit Breaker. The Circuit Breaker is open at the beginning of the simulation to allow synchronization. At time 0.15 seconds, the Circuit breaker closes, and the inverter is connected to the grid. The Scopes subsystem contains scopes that allow you to see the simulation results. The inverter is implemented using IGBTs. To speed up simulation, or for real-time deployment, the IGBTs can be replaced with Averaged Switches. In this way the gate signals can be averaged over a specified period or replaced with modulation waveforms.


Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the line voltage and phase currents in the inverter and grid.