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Three-Phase PMSM Drive

This example shows a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) in wye-wound and delta-wound configuration and an inverter sized for use in a typical hybrid vehicle. The inverter is connected directly to the vehicle battery, but you can also implement a DC-DC converter stage in between. You can use this model to design the PMSM controller, by selecting the architecture and gains to achieve the desired performance. To check the timing of IGBT turn-on and turn-off, you can replace the IGBT devices with the more detailed N-Channel IGBT block. For complete vehicle modeling, you can use the Motor & Drive (System Level) block to abstract the PMSM, inverter, and controller with an energy-based model. The Gmin resistor provides a very small conductance to ground that improves the numerical properties of the model when using a variable-step solver.