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MATLAB Functions

Write matrix-oriented algorithms for data analysis and visualization

Incorporate MATLAB® code inside your Stateflow® charts. Implement algorithms that are more easily expressed by using MATLAB, such as matrix calculations and data analysis.


Reuse MATLAB Code by Defining MATLAB Functions

Create and execute MATLAB functions in a Stateflow chart.

Program a MATLAB Function in a Chart

Define the logical behavior of a MATLAB function.

Initialize Persistent Variables in MATLAB Functions

Specialized semantics impact the way that a function initializes persistent data.

Access Simulink Bus Signals in MATLAB Functions

This example shows how to read from and write to Simulink® bus signals in a MATLAB® function by using MATLAB and Stateflow® structures.

Debug a MATLAB Function in a Chart

Use breakpoints to debug MATLAB functions.

Export Stateflow Functions for Reuse

Extend the scope of your functions to other blocks in a Simulink® model.

Reuse Functions by Using Atomic Boxes

Encapsulate reusable functions in a separate namespace.