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Display plots for inspection of UAV logs

Since R2020b


show(mapper,data) generates all the plots stored in the flight log signal mapping object using the data from an imported flight log. For a list of preconfigured signals and plots, see Predefined Signals and Predefined Plots.

show(mapper,data,timeStart) plots all data starting at the given start time.

show(mapper,data,timeStart,timeEnd) plots all data within the interval [timeStart timeEnd] inclusive.

show(___,"PlotsToShow",plotNames) plots data using any of the previous syntaxes with plot names specified as a string array. These plot names are listed in mapper.AvailablePlots

plotStruct = show(___) returns the plots as a structure of plot names and figure handles.

Input Arguments

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Flight log signal mapping object, specified as a flightLogSignalMapping object.

Data from flight log, specified as a table, ulogreader object, or other custom option. The data is fed directly into the plot functions specified when you call updatePlot.

Initial time stamp for signal to extract, specified as a duration object.

Final time stamp for signal to extract, specified as a duration object.

Output Arguments

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Figured of individual plots, returned as a structure of plot names and associated figure handles.

More About

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Predefined Signals

A set of predefined signals and plots are configured in the flightLogSignalMapping object. Depending on your log file type, you can map specific signals to the provided signal names using mapSignal. You can also call info to view the table for your log type and see whether you have already mapped a signal to that plot type.

Specify the SignalName as the input to mapSignal. Signals with the format SignalName# support mapping multiple signals of the same type. Replace # with incremental integers for each signal name when calling mapSignal.

The predefined signals have specific names and required fields when mapping the signal.

Predefined Signals

Signal NameDescriptionFieldsUnits
Accel#Raw accelerometer reading from IMU sensor[ax ay az]m/s2
Airspeed#Airspeed reading of pressure differential, indicated air speed, and temperature[PressDiff, AirSpeed, Temp]Pa, m/s, ℃
AttitudeEulerAttitude of UAV in Euler (ZYX) form[Roll, Pitch, Yaw]radians
AttitudeRateAngular velocity along each body axis[xRotRate, yRotRate, zRotRate]rad/s
AttitudeTargetEulerTarget attitude of UAV in Euler (ZYX) form[TargetRoll, TargetPitch, TargetYaw]radians
Barometer#Barometer readings for absolute pressure, relative pressure, and temperature[PressAbs, PressAltitude, Temp]Pa, m, ℃
BatteryVoltage readings for battery and remaining battery capacity (%)[Volt1,Volt2, ... Volt16, RemainingCapacityV, %
GPS#GPS readings for latitude, longitude, altitude, ground speed, course angle, and number of satellites visible[lat, long, alt, groundspeed, courseAngle, satellites]degree, degree, m, m/s, degree, n/a
Gyro#Raw body angular velocity readings from IMU sensor[GyroX, GyroY, GyroZ]rad/s
LocalNEDLocal NED coordinates estimated by the UAV[xNED, yNED, zNED]meters
LocalNEDTargetTarget location in local NED coordinates[xTarget, yTarget, zTarget]meters
LocalNEDVelLocal NED velocity estimated by the UAV[vx vy vz]m/s
LocalNEDVelTargetTarget velocity in local NED coordinates[vxTarget, vyTarget, vzTarget]m/s
Mag#Raw magnetometer reading from IMU sensor[x y z]Gs

Predefined Plots

After mapping signals to the list of predefined signals using mapSignal, specific plots are made available when calling show. To view a list of available plots and their associated signals for your specific object, call info(mapper,"Plot"). If you want to define custom plots based on signals, use updatePlot.

Each predefined plot has a set of required signals that must be mapped.

Predefined Plots



Attitude lot with roll, pitch, yaw, and body rotation rates versus time for a specific flight log

Stacked plot of roll, pitch, yaw angles and body rotation ratesAttitudeEuler, AttitudeRate, Gyro#


Roll, pitch, yaw, and corresponding target values versus time for a specific flight log

Estimated attitude of UAV and the attitude target set pointAttitudeEuler, AttitudeTargetEuler


Battery consumption plotBattery


Yaw, MagX, MagY, and MagZ plots versus time of a sample flight log plot

Estimated yaw and magnetometer readingsAttitudeEuler, Mag#, GPS#


Lat-long plot using a sample GPS trajectory as lines in a map

Raw Lat-Lon plot for GPS sensor readings.GPS#


GPS and Barometer readings, and fused height plots versus time

Stacked plots of barometer reading, GPS altitude reading, and fused height estimateBarometer#, GPS#, LocalNED


Ground speed and air speed plots versus time

Stacked plot of ground velocity and air speedGPS#, Airspeed#


North East Up plot for a 3D trajectory in space

Trajectory in local coordinates versus target set pointsLocalNED, LocalNEDTarget


Difference between x, y, z versus time in a stacked plot

Error between desired and actual position in NED coordinatesLocalNED, LocalNEDTarget


Difference between vx, vy, vz versus time in a stacked plot

Error between desired and actual velocity in NED coordinatesLocalNEDVel, LocalNEDVelTarget

Version History

Introduced in R2020b