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UAV Animation

Animate UAV flight path using translations and rotations

  • UAV Animation block

UAV Toolbox / Utilities


The UAV Animation block animates a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight path based on an input array of translations and rotations. A visual mesh is displayed for either a fixed-wing or multirotor at the given position and orientation. Click the Show animation button in the block mask to bring up the figure after simulating.



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xyz-positions specified as an [x y z] vector.

Example: [1 1 1]

Rotations of UAV body frames relative to the inertial frame, specified as a [w x y z] quaternion vector.

Example: [1 0 0 0]


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Type of UAV mesh to display, specified as either FixedWing or Multirotor.

Size of frame and attached mesh, specified as positive numeric scalar.

Direction of the positive z-axis of inertial frame, specified as either Up or Down. In the plot, the positive z-axis always points up. The parameter defines the rotation between the inertia frame and plot frame. Set this parameter to Down if the inertial frame is following 'North-East-Down' configuration.

Interval between outputs, specified as a scalar. In simulation, the sample time follows simulation time and not actual wall-clock time.

This default value indicates that the block sample time is inherited.

For more information about the inherited sample time type, see Specify Sample Time (Simulink).


  • Increase the sample time to improve simulation performance. Higher sample time would lead to faster simulation since the block is updated at a lower frequency.

Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using Simulink® Coder™.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b