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UAV Scenario Motion Read

Read platform and sensor motions from UAV scenario simulation

Since R2021b

  • UAV Scenario Motion Read block

UAV Toolbox / UAV Scenario and Sensor Modeling


Use this block to read motion as a bus from a sensor or platform in a UAV scenario simulation. The motion bus contains the position, orientation, velocity, angular velocity, acceleration, and ID of the platform or sensor.

To use this block, ensure that a UAV Scenario Configuration block is in your model.

This block uses the sample time specified in the UAV Scenario Configuration block.


The UAV Scenario blocks do not support:

In addition, the execution order is important when using these blocks in a closed loop simulation. The UAV Scenario Configuration block must execute first. The UAV Scenario Motion Write block must execute before the UAV Scenario Motion Read, UAV Scenario Lidar, and UAV Scenario Scope blocks.



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Output motion from a platform or sensor specified as a bus with the following properties with the name specified in Platform or sensor name:

  • PlatformID – ID of platform based on order of platforms in the uavScenario.Platforms property.

  • Position – Position in NED frame specified as a 1-by-3 vector.

  • Orientation – Orientation in NED frame specified as a 1-by-4 vector, quaternion, frame rotation from NED frame to UAV body frame.

  • Velocity – Velocity in NED frame specified as a 1-by-3 vector.

  • Acceleration – Acceleration in NED frame specified as a 1-by-3 vector.

  • AngularVelocity – Angular velocity in NED frame specified as a 1-by-3 vector.

If a sensor name is specified in Platform or sensor name, the SensorID field is added to the bus fields of the motion output bus.

  • SensorID – ID of sensor specified as a scalar based on the order of sensors in the uavScenario.Platforms property.

The platform and sensors motion buses are of the type named in the Sensor motion bus name and Sensor motion bus name properties of the UAV Scenario Configuration block in the model.


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Use Select to choose one platform or sensor from the UAV Scenario to read motion from.

This parameter effects the fields of the motion bus output. See Motion output for more information.

Specify the coordinate frame of the output motion as East-North-Up ('ENU') or North-East-Down ('NED').

Version History

Introduced in R2021b