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Convert a trained aggregate channel features (ACF) object detector into structure



detectorStruct = toStruct(acfObjectDetector) returns a structure that stores the properties of the input acfObjectDetector object in fields. The output structure contains fields Classifier and TrainingOptions. Use the structure to create an identical acfObjectDetector object for C code generation. You can call the toStruct, and then pass the resulting structure to a MATLAB function, which recreates the acfObjectDetector object.


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Load the pretrained ACF stop sign detector from the stopSignDetector.mat file, which is present in the current working folder as a supporting file.

stopSignDetector= load('stopSignDetectorACF.mat');
detector = stopSignDetector.detector
detector = 

  acfObjectDetector with properties:

             ModelName: 'stopSign'
    ObjectTrainingSize: [34 31]
       NumWeakLearners: 61

Convert the detector to a structure.

detectorStruct = toStruct(detector)
detectorStruct = 

  struct with fields:

             ModelName: 'stopSign'
    ObjectTrainingSize: [34 31]
       NumWeakLearners: 61
            Classifier: [1x1 struct]
       TrainingOptions: [1x1 struct]

Input Arguments

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ACF object detector, specified as an acfObjectDetector object. To create this object, call the trainACFObjectDetector function with training data as input.

Output Arguments

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ACF object detector, returned as a structure containing the object properties into fields.