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Change multisignal 1-D decomposition coefficients


DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'ca',COEFS)
DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'cd',COEFS,LEV)
DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'all',CA,CD)
DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'all',V)
DEC = chgwdeccfs(...,IDXSIG)


DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'ca',COEFS) replaces the approximation coefficients at level DEC.level with those contained in the matrix COEFS. If COEFS is a single value V, all coefficients are replaced by V.

DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'cd',COEFS,LEV) replaces the detail coefficients at level LEV with those contained in the matrix COEFS. If COEFS is a single value V, then LEV can be a vector of levels and all the coefficients that belong to these levels are replaced by V. LEV must be such that  LEV  DEC.level

DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'all',CA,CD) replaces all the approximation and detail coefficients. CA must be a matrix and CD must be a cell array of length DEC.level.

If COEFS (or CA or CD) is a single number, then it replaces all the related coefficients. Otherwise, COEFS (or CA, or CD) must be a matrix of appropriate size.

For a real value V, DEC = chgwdeccfs(DEC,'all',V) replaces all the coefficients by V.

DEC = chgwdeccfs(...,IDXSIG) replaces the coefficients for the signals whose indices are given by the vector IDXSIG. If the initial data are stored row-wise or column-wise in a matrix X, then IDXSIG contains the row or column indices, respectively, of the data.


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Load the 23 channel EEG data Espiga3 [1]. The channels are arranged column-wise. The data is sampled at 200 Hz.

load Espiga3

Perform a decomposition at level 2 using the db2 wavelet.

dec = mdwtdec('c',Espiga3,2,'db2')
dec = struct with fields:
        dirDec: 'c'
         level: 2
         wname: 'db2'
    dwtFilters: [1x1 struct]
       dwtEXTM: 'sym'
      dwtShift: 0
      dataSize: [995 23]
            ca: [251x23 double]
            cd: {[499x23 double]  [251x23 double]}

Change the coefficients of details at level 1. Replace all the values by 0.

decBis = chgwdeccfs(dec,'cd',0,1);

Change the coefficients of details at level 1 and level 2 for signals 11 to 15. Replace all values by 0.

decTer = chgwdeccfs(dec,'cd',0,1:2,11:15);

Compare the original and new coefficients for details at level 1 for signals 11 to 15.

hold on

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object contains 10 objects of type line. These objects represent Original, Changed.


[1] Mesa, Hector. “Adapted Wavelets for Pattern Detection.” In Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications, edited by Alberto Sanfeliu and Manuel Lazo Cortés, 3773:933–44. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2005.

Version History

Introduced in R2007a

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