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Characteristic information about TGn, TGah, TGac, and TGax multipath fading channels


S = info(chan)



S = info(chan) returns a structure, S, containing characteristic information about the corresponding channel object, chan.


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Return the characteristic information of a TGah channel.

Create the TGah channel System Object. Specify a delay profile defined by the model E, path loss, 4 MHz of channel bandwidth and a 2x2 MIMO channel.

tgah = wlanTGahChannel;
tgah.DelayProfile = 'Model-E';
tgah.LargeScaleFadingEffect = 'Pathloss';
tgah.ChannelBandwidth = 'CBW4';
tgah.NumTransmitAntennas = 2;
tgah.NumReceiveAntennas = 2;

Return the delay by the channel filtering, the delay and average gain of each discrete path, and the path loss.

S = info(tgah)
S = struct with fields:
           ChannelFilterDelay: 7
    ChannelFilterCoefficients: [18x17 double]
                   PathDelays: [1x18 double]
             AveragePathGains: [1x18 double]
                     Pathloss: 41.2126

Input Arguments

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Channel, specified as a wlanTGnChannel, wlanTGacChannel, wlanTGahChannel, or wlanTGaxChannel System object™.

Output Arguments

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Characteristic information about the channel, returned as a structure containing the following fields:

  • ChannelFilterDelay: Channel filter delay introduced by the implementation, measured in number of samples.

  • ChannelFilterCoefficients: Channel fractional delay filter coefficients.

  • PathDelays: Multipath delay of the discrete paths, measured in seconds.

  • AveragePathGains: Average gains of the discrete paths, measured in decibels (dB).

  • Pathloss: Path loss between the transmitter and receiver, measured in dB.

Introduced in R2015b