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This one-day course presents multiple methods for integrating C code into Simulink® models. Topics discussed include the C Caller and C Function blocks, Legacy Code Tool for wrapping external C functions into Simulink, and manually written C MEX S-functions. This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Simulink users.

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Integrating External C Code Using Simulink Blocks

Objective: Integrate C code into Simulink models using the C Caller and C Function blocks.

  • Integrating algorithmic C code
  • Integrating C code with custom data types
  • Integrating code with states
  • Sharing custom C code blocks

Creating S-Functions from Legacy Code

Objective: Integrate C code into a Simulink model using automated tools.

  • Calling external C functions with Legacy Code Tool
  • Handling states
  • Sharing compiled S-functions

Writing Wrapper S-Functions

Objective: Integrate C code into a Simulink model by manually writing C MEX S-functions.

  • Writing C MEX S-functions
  • Calling external code from C MEX S-functions
  • Work vectors
  • Debugging C MEX S-functions
  • Multirate C MEX S-functions

Deploying Integrated C Code

Objective: Explore the procedures and limitations for automatically generating code with Simulink Coder™.

  • Generating code from C Caller and C Function blocks
  • Generating code from C MEX S-functions
  • Function inlining
  • Integrating target-specific code

C Code Integration Methods Review

Objective: Review code integration methods and discuss the pros and cons of each.

  • Review of all methods of code integration
  • How to choose a code integration method

Appendix A: Integrating C++ Code

Objective: Create S-functions that are defined using the C++ language.

  • Review of work vectors
  • Unit delay object
  • Creating a C++ S-function

Appendix B: C Code Integration with the MATLAB® Function Block

Objective: Call external C functions from inside the MATLAB Function block.

  • Calling external C routines from a MATLAB Function block

Appendix C: Integrating C Code with S-Function Builder

Objective: Create S-functions that call external C code using S-Function Builder.

  • Writing a C MEX S-function with S-Function Builder
  • Calling an external C routine with S-Function Builder

Appendix D: Integrating C Code with Stateflow®

Objective: Call external C functions within action and conditions statements in Stateflow charts.

  • Importing external C code to Stateflow®
  • Calling C code from C action language charts
  • Calling C code from MATLAB® action language charts

Level: Intermediate


Duration: 1 day

Languages: Deutsch, English, 日本語, 한국어

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