System for test bed automation, model integration, and calibration


  • Real-time simulation capabilities for all test beds
  • Easy integration of simulation without additional hardware
  • Execution of numerous real-time models in parallel
  • Applications: engine, powertrain, vehicle, and components
  • Ability to change simulation parameters in real time on the test bed during the simulation execution


MORPHEE is a single PC solution for the automation of the test bed, integration of models in the test bed, and calibration of the engine. The real-time simulation function of MORPHEE is achieved in two steps.

The first step, preparation, is to compile MATLAB® and Simulink® models using MorpheeTarget.

MorpheeTarget software integrates with Simulink Coder® and enables users to compile MATLAB and Simulink models for real-time execution in MORPHEE. Exporting the model inputs, outputs, parameters, and signals is done with standard Simulink blocks. MORPHEE specific blocks can also be used to select the parameters and signals to be exported and to define the links of MORPHEE channels, setpoints, and test parameters directly in the model.

The second step, execution, is to execute the compiled models in real time.

With MORPHEE, various models can be executed in parallel, with each model running at its own execution frequency. Synchronization of multiple models linked together is performed by MORPHEE. One model can have several instances; for example, a controller developed in MATLAB and Simulink can control several systems with different control tuning.

MATLAB and Simulink are used to create the models using standard blocks. The MorpheeTarget integrates with Simulink Coder to compile the model, which will be executed in real time in MORPHEE.

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