Perform parallel computations on multicore computers, GPUs, and computer clusters

Parallel Computing Toolbox™ lets you solve computationally and data-intensive problems using multicore processors, GPUs, and computer clusters. High-level constructs—parallel for-loops, special array types, and parallelized numerical algorithms—let you parallelize MATLAB® applications without CUDA or MPI programming. You can use the toolbox with Simulink® to run multiple simulations of a model in parallel.

The toolbox lets you use the full processing power of multicore desktops by executing applications on workers (MATLAB computational engines) that run locally. Without changing the code, you can run the same applications on a computer cluster or a grid computing service (using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server). You can run parallel applications interactively or in batch.

Explore parallel computing support in MATLAB and Simulink products

Options for parallel computing in the cloud with MATLAB

Scale Parallel MATLAB Applications to Amazon EC2 Using Cloud Center (4:14) - Video


Programming Parallel Applications

Convert your applications to take advantage of computers equipped with multicore processors and GPUs.

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Using Built-In Parallel Algorithms in Other MathWorks Products

Distribute computations across available parallel computing resources, and speed up your analysis or simulation tasks.

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Speeding Up Task-Parallel Applications

Speed up some applications by organizing them into independent tasks and executing multiple tasks concurrently.

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Speeding Up MATLAB Computations with GPUs

Perform computations on CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs directly from MATLAB.

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Scaling Up to Clusters, Grids, and Clouds Using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Run MATLAB workers locally on your multicore desktop to execute your parallel applications.

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Running Parallel Applications Interactively and as Batch Jobs

Execute parallel applications interactively and in batch.

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Run computationally intensive MATLAB programs and Simulink models on computer clusters, clouds, and grids.

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