Prove the absence of run-time errors in software

Polyspace Code Prover is a sound static analysis tool that proves the absence of overflow, divide-by-zero, out-of-bounds array access, and certain other run-time errors in C and C++ source code. It produces results without requiring program execution, code instrumentation, or test cases. Polyspace Code Prover uses semantic analysis and abstract interpretation based on formal methods to verify software interprocedural, control, and data flow behavior. You can use it on handwritten code, generated code, or a combination of the two. Each operation is color-coded to indicate whether it is free of run-time errors, proven to fail, unreachable, or unproven.

Polyspace Code Prover also displays range information for variables and function return values, and can prove conditions under which variables exceed specified range limits. Results can be published to a dashboard to track quality metrics and ensure conformance with software quality objectives. Polyspace Code Prover can be integrated into build systems for automated verification.

Support for industry standards is available through IEC Certification Kit (for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262) and DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178). Support for Ada language also available.

7 Ways to Make Embedded Software Safe and Secure


Verifying C and C++ Embedded Software

Perform code verification of C and C++ embedded software that must operate at the highest levels of quality and safety.

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Detecting Run-Time Errors

Prove, identify, and diagnose run-time errors such as overflows, divide by zeros, and out-of-bound pointers.

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Viewing Range Information

Track control and data flow through the software and displays range information associated with variables and operators.

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Tracking Software Quality Metrics

Define a centralized quality model to track run-time errors, code complexity, and coding rules violations.

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Tracing Code Verification Results to Simulink Models

Verify generated code or mixed code which contains both generated and handwritten code.

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Automating Code Verification Process

Automate verification job scheduling and set up email notifications.

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Creating Certification Artifacts

Complete the certification process for projects based on industry standards.

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