Design 3D scenes for automated driving simulation

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Road and 3D Scene Modeling

Use RoadRunner to create realistic, complex, interconnected road networks consisting of intersections, bridges, roundabouts, turnouts, and road markings.

Road Modeling

Create road shapes by specifying curvature, vertical slope, and blends, including cross-sectioning, banking, and crowning.

Prebuilt and Customizable Assets and Signs

Build RoadRunner scenes with a library of 3D models in RoadRunner Asset Library. Create and place customizable and region-specific road signs, barriers, signs, posts, lights, and other road furniture.

RoadRunner Asset Library

Leverage a library of prebuilt assets that provides hundreds of models, including road and highway signs, traffic signals, road surface markings, trees, barriers, and road textures, such as cracks and oil spills.

Prebuilt assets from RoadRunner Asset Library.

Leverage prebuilt assets from RoadRunner Asset Library.

Customize Road Signs

Use the integrated road sign editor to combine text and graphics when building custom signs. Create international and region-specific signs with Unicode support.

Functional Road Networks and Traffic Signals

Design road networks and traffic signals that are ready to use in simulation environments.

Complex Road Networks

Generate road networks with lane and intersection connectivity for use in automotive and traffic simulation environments.

GIS Import

Build 3D scenes with real locations by importing aerial imagery, elevation data, lidar point clouds, and roadmaps to accurately represent physical locations in RoadRunner.

Import elevation maps into RoadRunner.

Import elevation maps into RoadRunner.

Export to Simulators

Export scenes created in RoadRunner to industry standard formats, including openDRIVE, FBX, glTF, OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, OBJ, and USD. RoadRunner scenes export to a variety of simulators and gaming engines, including CARLA, Vires VTD, NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, Cognata, Metamoto®, LGSVL, Baidu Apollo, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Export scenes from RoadRunner.

Export scenes from RoadRunner.