Satellite Communications Toolbox



Satellite Communications Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test satellite communications systems and links

Orbit Propagation and Visualization

Model satellites with two-body, SGP4, or SDP4 orbit propagators. Visualize 2D and 3D satellite orbits including field of view, ground tracks, and sky plots for navigation. Generate satellite constellations from TLE, SEM almanac, OMM, and RINEX files, or from ephemeris data.

Multiplatform Access and Link Analysis

Analyze line-of-sight access and link closures between satellites and aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, and other mobile platforms. Simulate multihop communications links between ground stations.

Link Budget Analysis

Configure, analyze, and visualize link budgets for satellite communications. Analyze availability with the ITU P.618 propagation loss model. Analyze sensitivity with custom line and contour visualizations.

Waveform Generation

Generate standard-based waveforms for satellite communications (DVB-S2/S2X/RCS2 and CCSDS TC/TM/HPE) and navigation (GPS and NavIC). Use waveforms as golden references for your design.

Channel Modeling

Use the ITU-R P.618 propagation loss model to design Earth-space links. Analyze space-based 5G links with the 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) channel. Simulate deep space optical links with a Poisson channel.

Link-Level Simulation

Simulate satellite communications links using 5G NTN, DVB-S2/S2X/RCS2, GPS, and CCSDS waveforms. Use receivers built with editable MATLAB code to perform all synchronization operations. Analyze link performance by computing bit error rate (BER) and packet error rate (PER) metrics.

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