SerDes Toolbox


SerDes Toolbox

Design SerDes systems and generate PAMn IBIS-AMI models for high-speed digital interconnects

SerDes System Design

Using the SerDes Designer app, design, configure, and analyze SerDes systems. Create SerDes floor plans and check performance metrics such as COM, BER, bathtub curves, and other visualizations. Generate Simulink and IBIS-AMI models for further refinement and verification.

SerDes Analysis and Simulation

Using Simulink, perform statistical analysis to visualize the statistical eye diagram, pulse response and its derived waveform and other metrics. Perform time-domain simulation of adaptive algorithms using customizable Simulink blocks.

IBIS-AMI Model Generation

Generate industry compliant IBIS-AMI statistical (Init), time-domain (GetWave), or dual algorithmic models for PAMn modulations. Customize the model by managing IBIS-AMI parameters from the SerDes Designer app and Simulink.

Adaptive Equalizer Design

Use DFE, CTLE, FFE, AGC, and CDR to design adaptive equalizers. Use parametrized blocks and algorithms for single-ended and differential signals. Explore adaptation strategies to optimize your SerDes system performance and generate IBIS-AMI models.

Industry Standard Reference Designs

Use industry standard reference designs for PCIe 5.0, DDR5, OIF CEI-56G-LR, and more. Start with reference models and refine them to design SerDes using PAM2, PAM3, PAM4, PAM8, and PAM16 modulation schemes to generate standard-compliant IBIS-AMI models.

SerDes Regression Testing

Use Signal Integrity Toolbox to verify the IBIS-AMI models. If an issue is identified, use Signal Integrity Link to import the parameters, stimuli, and channel back to Simulink. Use all the debug tools of MATLAB and Simulink to analyze and update the model.

Infineon Accelerates Development of IBIS-AMI Models for SerDes Designs

“The process of creating and configuring IBIS-AMI models with SerDes Toolbox is straightforward and fast to learn. After completing it once ourselves, we had full control over IBIS-AMI model creation, and eliminated our dependence on contractors.”

Syed Babar Raza, Infineon

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