Developing Embedded Targets Advisory Service

MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to migrate your existing tool chain to an embedded target environment optimized for Model-Based Design. Our customized Developing Embedded Targets Advisory Service is delivered by senior-level MathWorks Consultants experienced in helping you implement embedded code generation targets in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and industrial automation industries. Consolidated coaching sessions featuring realistic production hardware and software adapted to your specific environment strengthen your skills and leave you with the knowledge to work independently on future projects.

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Developing Embedded Systems Using Model-Based Design

Developing embedded systems using Model-Based Design requires well-defined software architecture for implementing and verifying generated code, and, if necessary, integrating with an existing basic framework of handwritten code. MathWorks Consulting Services can design and implement the required build process to suit your needs, ranging from single feature or function code generation that is manually integrated using legacy processes to full automation of the build and integration process. The resulting executable can then be deployed and executed on the embedded target for verification, deployment, or interactive parameter tuning.

A Customized and Collaborative Approach

The steps to develop embedded targets using Model-Based Design vary by company and by industry. MathWorks Consulting Services draws on product expertise and industry experience to tailor the process to best fit your needs.

MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to:

Automate compile, build, and download

  • Customize code generation options using system target files (STF)
  • Automate build, link, and download using template makefiles (TMF)

Integrate device drivers and RTOS with Simulink

  • Develop Simulink blocks for external C code and drivers using the Legacy Code Tool
  • Execute multiple tasks, multiple rates, and semaphores with an RTOS

Optimize code replacements to your target

  • Optimize math and logical operations and functions using the Code Replacement Tool
  • Create custom data definitions and access code control with custom storage classes (CSCs)

Verify and validate code execution results

  • Perform software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing

Tuning, monitoring, and logging data using Simulink external mode

Contact MathWorks Consulting Services to discuss your specific requirements.

Simulink and Embedded Coder provide a complete environment to design algorithms, generate code, and execute and verify code. This session is for Simulink users working on hardware-related projects.