Model-Based Design Process Establishment

MathWorks Consulting Services helps organizations new to Model-Based Design, or those looking to accelerate their early-stage adoption, establish a Model-Based Design development process customized to their application and development requirements. The Model-Based Design Process Establishment service implements a formalized process with complete tool support ranging from daily interactive workflow to complete task automation. MathWorks Consultants teach you not only what processes to institute but also which tools to use, and where and how best to use them in the workflow.

A typical Model-Based Design Process Establishment follows these steps:

Map and Prioritize Processes

In working with customers across a range of industries, applications, and standards (e.g. ISO 26262 or DO-178), MathWorks has developed the Maturity Framework™ which represents the fundamental capabilities needed to develop embedded systems using Model-Based Design.  The Frameworks’ six core competencies central to Model-Based Design are: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, Implementation, Verification and Validation, Process, Tools and Infrastructure, and Enterprise Management. We map your organization’s existing processes against the goals and practices described in the Framework. Next we provide a detailed roadmap and implementation priorities based on any key differences, missing activities, or underdeveloped competencies uncovered.

Model Architecture Establishment and Review

Because a good model architecture ensures an efficient development workflow, MathWorks Consultants review your existing model architecture for appropriate modeling patterns, scheduling methods, data management, partitioning, etc., or propose a new one based on your application or existing software architecture. We help you design model architectures that reduce manual interventions, support activities like automatic code generation or verification and validation, and facilitate meeting standards requirements. We coach you on how best to build architectural templates and patterns that support ongoing and future development programs for your different applications or product lines.

Tool Implementation Support

Using your models, we develop step-by-step instructions and examples demonstrating every stage of the Model-Based Design process. At a very detailed level, we walk you through each activity explaining entry criteria, inputs, output artifacts, and measures of completeness. MathWorks Consultants automate manual tasks at the individual engineer, group, or enterprise level such as code generation, testing, or report generation.

MathWorks Consultants Help You:

  • Accelerate and optimize your Model-Based Design methodologies
  • Establish automated and standardized toolchains and processes
  • Develop in-house Model-Based Design competency
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