Video and Webinar Series

Getting Started with Simulink 3D Animation

Get started with Simulink 3D Animation, which provides apps for linking Simulink® models and MATLAB® algorithms to 3D graphics objects. Learn how to build a Simulink model, a 3D World in VRML5, and connect a Simulink model with 3D World. Examples include simulating damped oscillations and visualizing temparature.

Part 1: Build a Simulink Model Model a bouncing ball from concept to Simulink model.

Part 2: Build a 3D World in VRML Create a 3D world in VRML consisting of the ball and a hard floor using V-Realm Builder.

Part 3: Connect Simulink Model with 3D World Animate a 3D world authored in VRML with Simulink signals.

Part 4: Damped Oscillations Modify the contact equations to model the damping of the bouncing ball.

Part 5: Temperature Visualization Visualize the heating of the surface owing to the energy loss of the ball.