Video and Webinar Series

Lennart Ljung on System Identification Toolbox

Learn about system identification from Professor Lennart Ljung, a recognized leader in the field. Get Professor Ljung's advice on how to start using System Identification Toolbox™, and learn about the toolbox's history. Listen to Professor Ljung's take on how the field of system identification has changed and how it will evolve in the next 20 years.

Advice for Beginners Professor Lennart Ljung, creator of System Identification Toolbox, offers advice on how to get started.

History and Development Professor Lennart Ljung describes how he developed System Identification Toolbox and why he chose to write it in MATLAB .

Lennart Ljung on the Past, Present, and Future of System Identification Professor Lennart Ljung talks about where system identification started and where it is headed.

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