Video and Webinar Series

Mixed-Signal Data Analysis with MATLAB

Import, analyze, and visualize mixed-signal data generated with Cadence Virtuoso into MATLAB using the Mixed-Signal Analyzer app. Using examples, discover how to create custom analysis functions to gain insights into your mixed-signal circuit simulation results. Identify trends by plotting metrics and automate repetitive tasks, such as reports generation, by using scripts. Facilitate design space exploration by automating mixed-signal circuit simulations, sweeping parameters from MATLAB, and creating custom objective functions for IC optimization.

Mixed-Signal Analyzer part 1: Introduction to Mixed-Signal Analyzer  Import Cadence Virtuoso simulation results into MATLAB: apply analysis functions, identify trends, visualize metrics and waveforms, generate a report.

Mixed-Signal Analyzer part 2: Automation Automate mixed-signal data analysis using a programmatic interface. Control Cadence simulations from MATLAB for design space exploration and optimization.

Mixed-Signal Analyzer part 3: Custom analysis functions Create custom analysis functions in MATLAB to process mixed-signal simulation data and extract metrics to gain insights in your design.

Mixed-Signal Analyzer part 4: Working outside the app Automate recurrent data analysis tasks by creating MATLAB scripts that can be directly invoked from Cadence Virtuoso.