Policies and Statements

MathWorks Response to Recent Sanctions

MathWorks is complying with recent U.S. and international prohibitions and sanctions on doing business with entities in Russia, Belarus, and the Russia-backed regions within Ukraine (collectively, the “Sanctioned Regions”).  We are continuing to monitor these prohibitions and sanctions to ensure that we remain compliant.

MathWorks Operations:

MathWorks is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  While we have subsidiaries and affiliates with offices in other countries, MathWorks (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) does not have any offices, or employ any employees, in the Sanctioned Regions.  Accordingly, we do not perform any services in or from the Sanctioned Regions, and none of our software products are considered Russia-origin, Belarus-origin, or Ukraine-origin products.

MathWorks Products and Services:

MathWorks software products are subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) and all are classified as either EAR99 or ECCN 5D992.  By reason of their classification, MathWorks software products may be subject to recent U.S. and international sanctions affecting the Sanctioned Regions.  In light of these recent developments, MathWorks has stopped selling products and related services (including technical support) to all entities in the Sanctioned Regions.  If you have any activity in any of the Sanctioned Regions with respect to your license to MathWorks software product(s), you should consult with your own export controls advisor with respect to any relevance of the recent sanctions to any such activity and whether you need to prohibit access to your license from within the Sanctioned Regions.