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Downlink Physical Channels

5G NR physical broadcast channel (PBCH), physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH), and physical downlink control channel (PDCCH)

Physical channels correspond to a set of time-frequency resources used for transmission of particular transport channel data, control information, or indicator information. Each transport channel data, control information, and indicator information is mapped to its corresponding physical channel. 5G Toolbox™ supports the following physical downlink channels.

Physical ChannelDescription

PBCH — Physical broadcast channel

The PBCH carries encoded system information required by the user equipment (UE) to access the network. For an overview of the available broadcast channel coding functionalities, see Downlink Transport Channels.

PDSCH — Physical downlink shared channel

The PDSCH carries encoded user data and paging information to the UE. For an overview of the available downlink shared channel coding functionalities, see Downlink Transport Channels.

PDCCH — Physical downlink control channel

The PDCCH conveys encoded control information and scheduling decisions for PDSCH reception. For an overview of the available downlink control channel coding functionalities, see Downlink Control Information.


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nrPBCHGenerate PBCH modulation symbols
nrPBCHIndicesGenerate PBCH resource element indices
nrPBCHPRBSGenerate PBCH scrambling sequence
nrPBCHDecodeDecode PBCH modulation symbols
nrPDSCHGenerate PDSCH modulation symbols
nrPDSCHIndicesGenerate PDSCH resource element indices (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHConfigPDSCH configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPrecodePrecoding for PDSCH PRG bundling (Since R2023b)
nrPRGInfoPrecoding resource block group information (Since R2023b)
nrPDSCHDecodeDecode PDSCH modulation symbols
nrPDSCHReservedConfigPDSCH reserved PRB configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPRBSGenerate PDSCH scrambling sequence
nrPDSCHDMRSGenerate PDSCH DM-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH DM-RS indices (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHDMRSConfigPDSCH DM-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPTRSGenerate PDSCH PT-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPTRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH PT-RS Indices (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPTRSConfigPDSCH PT-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPDCCHGenerate PDCCH modulation symbols
nrPDCCHResourcesGenerate PDCCH and PDCCH DM-RS resources (Since R2020a)
nrPDCCHSpaceGenerate PDCCH resources for all candidates and aggregation levels (Since R2020a)
nrPDCCHConfigPDCCH configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrCORESETConfigControl resource set (CORESET) configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrSearchSpaceConfigSearch space set configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPDCCHDecodeDecode PDCCH modulation symbols
nrPDCCHPRBSGenerate PDCCH scrambling sequence
nrCarrierConfigCarrier configuration parameters (Since R2019b)
nrResourceGridGenerate empty carrier slot resource grid (Since R2020b)