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Multinode communication in Bluetooth piconet

Bluetooth® Toolbox enables you to perform multinode communication in a Bluetooth piconet by using the protocol data units (PDUs) according to Bluetooth 5.3.

Use the features and reference examples to:

  • Generate and decode Bluetooth low energy (LE) link layer (LL), the logical link control and adaptation protocol (L2CAP), the generic access profile (GAP), and the attribute protocol (ATT) layer PDUs.

  • Create a Bluetooth piconet and evaluate the performance of the Bluetooth scheduler by implementing multiple applications with different quality-of-service (QoS) requirements.

  • Model Bluetooth LE devices with the Heart Rate Profile using the Generic ATT client-server scenario.

  • Export Bluetooth LE LL packets to packet capture (PCAP) and packet capture next generation (PCAPNG) files for network analysis.

Bluetooth piconet with one Central and three Peripheral devices interfered by WLAN signal


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addTrafficSourceAdd data traffic source to Bluetooth LE node
configureConnectionConfigure LL connection between Bluetooth LE Central and Peripheral nodes
configureSchedulerConfigure baseband scheduler at Bluetooth BR/EDR Central node
statisticsGet statistics of Bluetooth LE node
bluetoothWaveformGeneratorGenerate Bluetooth BR/EDR PHY waveform
bluetoothIdealReceiverDecode Bluetooth BR/EDR PHY waveform
bleWaveformGeneratorGenerate Bluetooth LE PHY waveform
bleIdealReceiverDecode Bluetooth LE PHY waveform
bleATTPDUGenerate Bluetooth LE ATT PDU
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUGenerate Bluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU
bleLLDataChannelPDUGenerate Bluetooth LE LL data channel PDU
bleGAPDataBlockGenerate Bluetooth LE GAP data block
bleL2CAPFrameGenerate Bluetooth LE L2CAP frame
bleATTPDUDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE ATT PDU
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU
bleLLDataChannelPDUDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE LL data channel PDU
bleGAPDataBlockDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE GAP data block
bleL2CAPFrameDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE L2CAP frame


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wirelessNetworkSimulatorWireless network simulator
bluetoothNodeBluetooth BR/EDR node
bluetoothLENodeBluetooth LE node
bluetoothConnectionConfigBluetooth BR/EDR connection configuration parameters
bluetoothLEConnectionConfigBluetooth LE LL connection configuration parameters
bleATTPDUConfigBluetooth LE ATT PDU configuration parameters
bleLLControlPDUConfigBluetooth LE LL control PDU payload configuration parameters
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUConfigBluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU configuration parameters
bleLLDataChannelPDUConfigBluetooth LE LL data channel PDU configuration parameters
bleGAPDataBlockConfigBluetooth LE GAP data block configuration parameters
bleL2CAPFrameConfigBluetooth LE L2CAP frame configuration parameters
blePCAPWriterPCAP or PCAPNG file writer of Bluetooth LE LL packets
pcapWriterPCAP file writer of protocol packets
pcapngWriterPCAPNG file writer of protocol packets