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PID Controller Tuning

Automatic and interactive tuning of PID gains

Control System Toolbox™ software offers several tools and commands for tuning PID controllers. To select the best tool for your application, see Choosing a PID Controller Design Tool.

For information about tuning PID controllers in Simulink® models, see Model-Based PID Controller Tuning (Simulink Control Design).


PID TunerTune PID controllers

Live Editor Tasks

Tune PID ControllerTune PID Controller for LTI plant in the Live Editor (Since R2019b)


pidtunePID tuning algorithm for linear plant model
pidtuneOptionsDefine options for pidtune function
getPIDLoopResponseClosed-loop and open-loop responses of systems with PID controllers
pidTunerOpen PID Tuner for PID tuning


PID Tuning Basics

Interactive PID Tuning

Command-Line PID Tuning

PID Controller Design from Measured Response Data

Two-Degree-of-Freedom PID Controllers

Tuning in Simulink

PID Algorithm

  • PID Tuning Algorithm
    MathWorks® algorithm for tuning PID controllers tunes the PID gains to achieve a good balance between performance and robustness.