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Put together rational spline for standard geometric shapes


rs = rsmak(shape,parameters)


rs = rsmak(shape,parameters) provides a rational spline in rBform that describes the shape being specified by the character vector shape and the optional additional parameters. Specific choices for shape are:


with 1 the default value for radius, halfheight and height, and the origin the default for center, and the arc running through all the angles from alpha to beta (default is [-pi/2,pi/2]), and the cone, cylinder, and torus centered at the origin with their major circle in the (x,y)-plane, and the minor circle of the torus having radius radius*ratio, the default for ratio being 1/3.

From these, one may generate related shapes by affine transformations, with the help of fncmb(rs,transformation).

See rpmak for more information on other options.

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