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Programmatic Scene and Scenario Management

Programmatically open, import, and manage scenes and scenarios by using a roadrunner object

The roadrunner object enables you to manage RoadRunner scenarios from the MATLAB® command line. You can open, save, import, and export scenarios, scenes, and projects. You can also set scenario variables and create simulations for RoadRunner Scenario.


roadrunnerStart RoadRunner application using MATLAB


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newScenarioCreate new scenario in RoadRunner Scenario using MATLAB
openScenarioOpen scenario in RoadRunner Scenario using MATLAB
saveScenarioSave scenario in RoadRunner Scenario using MATLAB
exportScenarioExport scenario from RoadRunner Scenario using MATLAB
importScenarioImport file into RoadRunner Scenario using MATLAB
getScenarioVariableGet the value of RoadRunner scenario variable using MATLAB
setScenarioVariableSet RoadRunner scenario variable using MATLAB
createSimulationCreate RoadRunner Scenario simulation using MATLAB
newSceneCreate new RoadRunner scene using MATLAB
openSceneOpen RoadRunner scene using MATLAB
saveSceneSave RoadRunner scene using MATLAB
exportSceneExport RoadRunner scene using MATLAB
importSceneImport scene into RoadRunner using MATLAB
exportCustomFormatExport RoadRunner scene to custom format using MATLAB
newProjectCreate new RoadRunner project using MATLAB
openProjectOpen RoadRunner project using MATLAB
saveProjectSave RoadRunner project using MATLAB
connectConnect to open instance of RoadRunner using MATLAB
closeClose RoadRunner using MATLAB