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Display the mesh as a patch on the current axes

Since R2020a



show(mesh) displays the extendedObjectMesh as a patch on the current axes. If there are no active axes, the function creates new axes.

show(mesh,ax) displays the object mesh as a patch on the axes ax.

ax = show(mesh) optionally outputs the handle to the axes where the mesh was plotted.


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Create an extendedObjectMesh object and translate the object.

Construct a cuboid mesh.

mesh = extendedObjectMesh('cuboid');

Translate the mesh by 5 units along the negative y axis.

mesh = translate(mesh,[0 -5 0]);

Visualize the mesh.

ax = show(mesh);
ax.YLim = [-6 0];

Input Arguments

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Extended object mesh, specified as an extendedObjectMesh object.

Current axes, specified as an axes object.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a