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Custom Software for Target Hardware

Create software for the deployment of MATLAB® and Simulink® designs to hardware platforms

Create software that enables or supports the deployment of MATLAB and Simulink designs to hardware platforms. Gain an understanding of folder and file conventions, software components, and information-passing in the build process.

You can:

  • Register custom toolchains for the build process.

  • Customize XCP server software for target hardware.

  • Create a target hardware application that checks the validity of code generation assumptions.

Using the target package, you can:

  • Extend the range of supported hardware.

  • Provide connectivity between Simulink and your target hardware for external mode and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulations.

To meet development goals and control code generation, you can customize system target files.


targetManage target hardware and build tool information


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target.APIDescribe API details
target.APIImplementationDescribe API implementation details
target.BoardProvide hardware board details
target.BuildDependenciesDescribe C and C++ build dependencies to associate with target hardware
target.CommandCapture system command for execution on MATLAB computer
target.CommunicationInterfaceDescribe data I/O details for target hardware
target.CommunicationProtocolStackDescribe communication protocol parameters
target.LanguageImplementationProvide C and C++ compiler implementation details
target.ObjectBase class for target types
target.ProcessorProvide target processor information
target.CommunicationChannelDescribe communication channel properties
target.RS232ChannelDescribe serial communication channel
target.TCPChannelDescribe TCP communication properties
target.ExternalModeRepresent external mode protocol stack
target.ExternalModeConnectivityBase class for external mode connectivity options
target.XCPDescribe XCP protocol stack for target hardware
target.XCPExternalModeConnectivityRepresent connectivity options in external mode protocol stack
target.XCPPlatformAbstractionSpecify XCP platform abstraction layer for target hardware
target.XCPSerialTransportRepresent XCP serial transport protocol layer
target.XCPTCPIPTransportRepresent XCP TCP/IP transport protocol layer
target.XCPTransportBase class for XCP transport protocol layer


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slConfigUIGetValReturn current value for any model configuration parameter
slConfigUISetEnabledEnable or disable any model configuration parameter
slConfigUISetValSet value for any model configuration parameter
extmodeBackgroundRunPerform external mode background activity
extmodeEventExternal mode event trigger
extmodeGetFinalSimulationTimeGet final simulation time for external mode platform abstraction layer
extmodeInitInitialize external mode target connectivity
extmodeParseArgsExtract values of configuration parameters supported by external mode abstraction layer
extmodeResetReset external mode target connectivity
extmodeSetFinalSimulationTimeSet final simulation time in external mode platform abstraction layer
extmodeSimulationCompleteCheck that external mode simulation is complete
extmodeStopRequestedCheck whether request to stop external mode simulation is received from model
extmodeWaitForHostRequestWait for request from development computer to start or stop external mode simulation


Custom Target Hardware Support

Develop Support by Using Target Package

Develop Support by Using System Target Files