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Fixed-Point Tool

Convert floating-point model to fixed-point


In conjunction with Fixed-Point Designer™ software, the Fixed-Point Tool provides convenient access to:

  • An interactive automatic data typing feature that proposes fixed-point data types for appropriately configured objects in your model, and then allows you to selectively accept and apply the data type proposals

  • Model and subsystem parameters that control the signal logging, fixed-point instrumentation mode, and data type override

  • Plotting capabilities that enable you to plot data that resides in the MATLAB® workspace

Most of the functionality in the Fixed-Point Tool is for use with the Fixed-Point Designer software. However, even if you do not have Fixed-Point Designer software, you can configure data type override settings to simulate a model that specifies fixed-point data types. In this mode, the Simulink® software temporarily overrides fixed-point data types with floating-point data types when simulating the model.

Open the Fixed-Point Tool

  • In the Simulink Apps tab, select Fixed-Point Tool.

  • From a subsystem context (right-click) menu, select Fixed-Point Tool.

  • From the MATLAB command prompt, enter fxptdlg(system_name) where system_name is the name of the model or system you want to convert, specified as a string.

Introduced before R2006a