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Preserve aspect ratio when resizing ROI object

setFixedAspectRatioMode is not recommended. With the new ROIs, set the value of the FixedAspectRatio property instead. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.



setFixedAspectRatioMode(h,TF) sets whether the aspect ratio of the ROI object is preserved during interactive resizing.


Fix Aspect Ratio of Ellipse

Create an ellipse ROI object. Specify a position constraint function using makeConstrainToRectFcn to keep the ellipse inside the boundary of the image.

h = imellipse(gca,[10 10 100 100]);
fcn = makeConstrainToRectFcn('imellipse',get(gca,'XLim'),get(gca,'YLim'));

Try resizing and reshaping the ellipse.

Now, fix the aspect ratio of the ellipse.


Try resizing the ellipse. The aspect ratio of the ellipse does not change.

Input Arguments

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ROI object, specified as an imellipse or imrect object.

Fix the aspect ratio when resizing ROI object, specified as true or false.

Data Types: logical

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2018b

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Introduced before R2006a