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List of commands available for GigE Vision camera



commands(g) lists the available commands for the GigE Vision® camera g, where g is the object created using the gigecam function. The output depends on the commands that are supported by your specific hardware.


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The commands function tells you what commands are available for your camera to use.

Use the gigecamlist function to ensure that MATLAB® is discovering your cameras.

ans = 

	Model              Manufacturer           IPAddress       SerialNumber
  ____________________   ___________________   _______________    ______________

  'MV1-D1312-80-G2-12'   'Photonofocus AG'     ''  '022600017445'

Use the gigecam function to create the object and connect it to the camera.

g = gigecam

Get the list of supported commands from the camera. You can click Show Commands in the property list that is displayed when you create the object, or you can use the function:


The list shows the commands that the camera supports. You can then use the executeCommand function to execute any of these commands.

Version History

Introduced in R2014b