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Show objects on axesm-based map


    showm opens a dialog box that enables you to interactively select objects to show. The showm function hides objects by setting their Visible property to "on".


    showm(obj) shows the specified objects.

    showm(objType) shows objects of the specified type.


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    Load a MAT file containing the coordinates of global coastlines into the workspace. Create a world map, and then plot the coastline data.

    load coastlines
    worldmap world
    p = plotm(coastlat,coastlon);

    Hide the plotted data.


    Show the plotted data again.


    Input Arguments

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    Objects to show, specified as an array of graphics objects.

    Type of graphics object to show, specified as one of these options.



    All children


    Contour labels


    hggroup containing contours


    hggroup containing filled contours


    Map frame


    Map grid lines


    All hggroup objects


    Hidden objects


    Untagged image objects


    Untagged light objects


    Untagged line objects


    All objects on the map, excluding the frame and grid


    Longitude grid lines


    Longitude labels


    Latitude grid lines


    Latitude labels


    Untagged patch objects


    Scale rulers


    Untagged surface objects


    Untagged text objects


    Tissot indicatrices


    Visible objects

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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