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axesm-Based Maps

Define axesm-based maps; set properties of axesm-based maps


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axesmCreate axesm-based map
usamapCreate axesm-based map for United States of America
worldmapCreate axesm-based map for world region
previewmapView figure at printed size
showaxesToggle display of coordinate axes on axesm-based map
axesmuiDefine axesm-based map and modify projection and display properties
gcmQuery projection structure of current axesm-based map
getmQuery properties of axesm-based map
ismapDetermine if axes is axesm-based map
paperscaleSet figure properties for printing axesm-based map at map scale
setmSet properties of axesm-based map and graphics objects
clmaClear current axesm-based map
clmoClear graphics objects from axesm-based map
handlemHandles of objects on axesm-based map
handlem-uiGUI for selecting objects on axesm-based map
hidemHide objects on axesm-based map
ismappedDetermine if object is projected on axesm-based map
namemNames of objects on axesm-based map
showmShow objects on axesm-based map
tagmSet Tag property of objects on axesm-based map


Display Maps Using axesm-Based Maps

Change Projection of axesm-Based Maps

  • Switch Between Projections
    You can change the map projection. Usually the new map projection displays the same part of the world, and you can adjust the axesm-based map properties to refine the map appearance.
  • Reprojection of Graphics Objects
    Many objects on axesm-based maps can be automatically reprojected based on changes to the map projection or to some map properties.
  • Change Map Projections Using geoshow
    You can display geospatial data on a regular axes, not an axesm-based map, using a linear mapping of longitude and latitude to x- and y-coordinates.