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Unsubscribe from characteristic notification and indication

Since R2019b



unsubscribe(c) unsubscribes from both notification and indication of a characteristic of a Bluetooth® Low Energy peripheral device.


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Subscribe to a characteristic that supports notification or indication. Unsubscribe after you finish working with the characteristic.

Create a connection to a nearby Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device.

b = ble("DemoDev")
b = 
  ble with properties:

               Name: "DemoDev"
            Address: "FF548EA5658F"
          Connected: 1
           Services: [5×2 table]
    Characteristics: [10×5 table]

Show services and characteristics

Create a characteristic object that represents the "Heart Rate Measurement" characteristic.

c = characteristic(b,"Heart Rate","Heart Rate Measurement")
c = 
  Characteristic with properties:

             Name: "Heart Rate Measurement"
             UUID: "2A37"
       Attributes: "Notify"
      Descriptors: [1x3 table]
 DataAvailableFcn: []

Show descriptors

This characteristic supports "Notify".

Start receiving notifications using subscribe.


Read from the characteristic to check that you are receiving data.

ans = 1×19

    23    14     1   187     1   186     1   185     1   184     1   183     1   182     1   181     1   180     1

After you finish working with the characteristic, disable notifications using unsubscribe.


Input Arguments

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Characteristic of Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral device, specified as a characteristic object.

Example: unsubscribe(c) unsubscribes from notification and indication on the characteristic object c.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b