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Create Hardware Configuration Object

  1. Create a hardware configuration object by using the targetHardware function in the MATLAB® Command Window.

    targetObject = targetHardware('hardwareName')

    For example, to create a configuration object for the Raspberry Pi® hardware, enter:

    board = targetHardware('Raspberry Pi')
    board = 
    targetHardware with properties:
                 Name: 'Raspberry Pi'
        DeviceAddress: ''
             Username: 'pi'
             Password: '*********'
             BuildDir: '/home/pi'
          BuildAction: 'Build, load, and run'
          CoderConfig: [1×1 coder.CodeConfig]
  2. Verify the DeviceAddress, Username, and Password properties listed in the output. If necessary, change the value of the properties by using dot notation syntax.

    targetObj.propertyName = newValue

    For example, to change the device address to, enter:

    board.DeviceAddress = ''
  3. If the MATLAB function has methods from Deep Learning Toolbox™, perform these steps:

    1. Set the language of code generation to C++.

      board.CoderConfig.TargetLang = 'C++';

    2. Create an arm-compute deep learning configuration object and assign it to the DeepLearningConfig property of the Raspberry Pi configuration object.

      dlcfg = coder.DeepLearningConfig('arm-compute')
      dlcfg.ArmArchitecture = 'armv7';
      board.CoderConfig.DeepLearningConfig = dlcfg;

    For more information, see Identify Objects Within Live Video Using ResNet-50 on Raspberry Pi Hardware and Send Inputs to MATLAB Function from Command Line of Raspberry Pi.

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