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Volume Visualization

Representing gridded volume data as iso, slice, and stream plots

Visualize volume data and 3-D vector field data. For example, you can display volume data as 2-D slices.


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contoursliceDraw contours in volume slice planes
flowSimple function of three variables
isocapsCompute isosurface end-cap geometry
isocolorsCalculate isosurface and patch colors
isonormalsCompute normals of isosurface vertices
isosurfaceExtract isosurface data from volume data
reducepatchReduce number of patch faces
reducevolumeReduce number of elements in volume data set
shrinkfacesReduce size of patch faces
sliceVolume slice planes
smooth3Smooth 3-D data
subvolumeExtract subset of volume data set
volumeboundsCoordinate and color limits for volume data
coneplotPlot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector field
curlCurl and angular velocity of vector field
divergenceCompute divergence of vector field
interpstreamspeedInterpolate stream-line vertices from flow speed
stream2Compute 2-D streamline data
stream3Compute 3-D streamline data
streamlinePlot streamlines from 2-D or 3-D vector data
streamparticlesPlot stream particles
streamribbon3-D stream ribbon plot from vector volume data
streamslicePlot streamlines in slice planes
streamtubeCreate 3-D stream tube plot


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