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Code Verification

Make critical code safer and more secure

Code verification products from MathWorks® enable developers and quality engineers to detect software bugs, check for run-time errors, run functional tests, and find other quality issues in generated or manually written C/C++ code:

  • Use Polyspace® Bug Finder™ to:

    • Check for compliance with AUTOSAR, CERT® C/C++, MISRA™ C/C++, JSF® AV C++, CWE™, and ISO-17961 coding standards.

    • Check your code for concurrency issues, security vulnerabilities, programming errors, and other software bugs.

  • Use Polyspace Code Prover™ to prove the absence of overflow, division by zero, array and pointer access out of bounds, and other critical run-time errors in your code.

  • Use Polyspace Test™ to develop, manage and execute unit and integration tests on C/C++ code.

After you review analysis results, generate customizable reports to record your software quality at different phases of the software development cycle and measure them against predefined objectives.

You can run Polyspace products at various stages of the development cycle:

  • Before code submission:

    • Run single-file analyses in your preferred IDE.

    • Analyze a full project in the Polyspace desktop interface, or offload the analysis from the desktop to a server machine.

  • After code submission:

    • Run a full project analysis on newly committed code as part of a continuous integration (CI/CD) process by using automation servers such as Jenkins.

    • Upload the server results to a centralized database and review the findings with your team from a web browser.

You can run a Polyspace analysis from a machine that is on premises or on a cloud platform such as Azure® or AWS®.


Fit Polyspace Products to Your Software Development Needs

Check for Compliance with Coding Standards and Guidelines

Integrate with Software Development Workflows

Analyze Code Generated from MATLAB Code or Simulink Model

Create Artifacts for Tools Qualification and Certification