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Test and Measurement

Acquire, analyze, and explore data and automate tests

Using Test and Measurement products with MATLAB® or Simulink®, you can control and acquire data from data acquisition hardware, imaging hardware, test and measurement equipment, OPC servers, CAN buses, and IoT devices. In the MATLAB desktop, you can then visualize and analyze the data.

In research laboratory or workbench settings:

  • Communicate with instruments, peripherals, and equipment over Ethernet, USB, and GPIB using industry-standard protocols such as VISA and IVI.

  • Import images and video from third-party cameras into MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Connect to data acquisition devices supporting analog and digital signals with input and output capabilities, control motors and sensors, and collect and analyze live data.

In automotive and industrial settings:

  • Monitor and communicate with in-vehicle CAN networks directly from MATLAB or Simulink using CAN, XCP, and J1930 protocols. Read and write data in industry-standard format files such as MDF, BLF, and CDF.

  • Connect MATLAB and Simulink to OPC and OSIsoft® PI servers and data historians, and communicate with devices via MODBUS and MQTT protocols.

With the ThingSpeak™ IoT cloud platform, store and access data from your devices, and perform analysis and visualization on live data streams in the cloud.


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