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Antenna and Receiver Gains and Losses

Beam and scanning loss, beam-dwell factor, eclipsing loss, noise figure, matching loss, pulse integration loss, CFAR loss, MTI loss

Model hardware and signal processing factors and losses for scanning and fixed beam radars.


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aperture2gainConvert effective aperture to gain
arrayscanlossLoss due to electronic scanning off broadside (Since R2021a)
beamdwellfactorRange-dependent loss for rapidly scanning beam (Since R2021a)
beamlossBeam shape loss for Gaussian antenna pattern (Since R2021a)
gain2apertureConvert gain to effective aperture
solidangleSolid angle of region bounded by azimuth and elevation angles (Since R2021a)
binaryintlossLoss due to M-of-N binary pulse integration (Since R2021a)
cfarlossLoss due to constant false alarm rate (CFAR) adaptive processing (Since R2021a)
eclipsinglossLoss due to pulse eclipsing (Since R2021a)
eclipsingfactorRange-dependent eclipsing factor (Since R2021a)
matchinglossReceiver filter matching loss (Since R2021a)
mtifactorImprovement factor due to moving target indicator (MTI) processing (Since R2021a)
mtilossLosses due to moving target indicator (MTI) processing (Since R2021a)
noisepowReceiver noise power
quanttempQuantization temperature (Since R2021a)
pollossPolarization loss
stcfactorSensitivity time control (STC) factor (Since R2021a)
systempReceiver system-noise temperature


Radar DesignerModel radar gains and losses and assess performance in different environments (Since R2021a)