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Clear plotter data from theater plot

Since R2021a



clearPlotterData(tp) clears data shown in the plot from all the plotters used in the theater plot, tp. Legend entries and coverage areas are not cleared from the plot.


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Create a theater plot and a detection plotter.

tp = theaterPlot('XLim',[0, 90],'YLim',[-35, 35],'ZLim',[0, 10]);
detectionPlotter(tp,'DisplayName','Radar Detections');

Use findPlotter to locate the plotter by its display name.

radarPlotter = findPlotter(tp,'DisplayName','Radar Detections');

Plot three detections.

plotDetection(radarPlotter, [30, 5, 1; 30, -10, 2; 30, 15, 1]);

Clear data from the plot.


Input Arguments

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Theater plot, specified as a theaterPlot object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a