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Use Word, HTML, and PDF templates to format reports

Templates specify the default formatting and fixed content for a report. Templates can also contain holes (blanks) that your report program can fill with dynamic content. Report viewers, such as Microsoft® Word or Adobe® Acrobat®, apply the format specifications to format the report.


mlreportgen.dom.TemplateCreate report template object
mlreportgen.dom.TemplateDocumentPartCreate template for document part (Since R2023b)
mlreportgen.dom.TemplateHoleHole to append to template inline content hole reporter Fill block content hole reporter a section title title hole reporter


zipTemplatePackage DOM HTML and PDF template in zip file
unzipTemplateUnzip zipped DOM template
zipDOCXTemplatePackage unzipped DOTX template into DOTX file
unzipDOCXTemplateUnzip zipped DOTX template file

Examples and How To

Microsoft Word Templates

HTML and PDF Templates