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Waveform Generation

Pulses, chirps, VCOs, sinc functions, periodic/aperiodic and modulated signals

Generate linear, quadratic, and logarithmic chirps using chirp. Create square, rectangular, and triangular waves using square, rectpuls, and sawtooth.

For wireless waveform generation capabilities beyond those shown here, see the Wireless Waveform Generator (Communications Toolbox) app.


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chirpSwept-frequency cosine
diricDirichlet or periodic sinc function
gauspulsGaussian-modulated sinusoidal RF pulse
gmonopulsGaussian monopulse
pulstranPulse train
randnNormally distributed random numbers
rectpulsSampled aperiodic rectangle
sawtoothSawtooth or triangle wave
sinSine of argument in radians
sincSinc function
squareSquare wave
stemPlot discrete sequence data
tripulsSampled aperiodic triangle
vcoVoltage-controlled oscillator
bufferBuffer signal vector into matrix of data frames
demodDemodulation for communications simulation
framelblPartition label sequence into frames (Since R2024a)
framesigPartition signal into frames (Since R2024a)
modulateModulation for communications simulation
shiftdataShift data to operate on specified dimension
unshiftdataInverse of shiftdata
udecodeDecode 2n-level quantized integer inputs to floating-point outputs
uencodeQuantize and encode floating-point inputs to integer outputs
marcumqGeneralized Marcum Q-function